HOMEVEST Celebrates Malaysia Book of Records’ Endorsement for being Listed in Singapore

Kuala Lumpur, 16 Feb 2022 – HOMEVEST Sdn Bhd (“HOMEVEST”) was listed in the highly coveted Malaysia Book of Records in the recognition of being The First Property Company Listed on Singapore Regulated Private Securities Exchange in Malaysia.

HOMEVEST held its celebration dinner at EQ Kuala Lumpur to toast their recent achievement along with their distinguished guests, partners and friends.

Among their key distinguished guests who attended the dinner were Dato’ Sri Mohd Azman Mohd Aziz, CEO of SOCSO; Dato’ Sri Ahmad Farid Ridzuan, Chairman of WILL Group International; Datuk Seri Haji Mohd Nazri Shariff, CEO of PRIMA; Datuk Wira Haji Muhammad Faizal Zainol, Corporate Advisor of HOMEVEST; Dato Prof Chef Zam; Dato’ KY Lim, Founder & Group Managing Director of HOMEVEST, and Dato’ Marcus Low, Co-Founder & CEO of HOMEVEST.

From left Malaysia Book of Records Senior Record Consultant, Edwin Yeoh; Malaysia Book of Records Chief Operating Officer, Christopher Wong; HOMEVEST Corporate Advisor, Datuk Wira Haji Muhammad Faizal Zainol, HOMEVEST Group Managing Director, Dato’ KY Lim and CEO, Dato’ Marcus Low receiving the certificate presentation to HOMEVEST for being First Property Company Listed on Singapore Regulated Private Securities Exchange.

Malaysia Book of Records is an official body that recognises record-holders, record-breakers, and record creators in the country. Being one of the record holders, HOMEVEST has continually demarcated itself by the value provided back to their investors. With this newly obtained status for HOMEVEST on 1Exchange and Malaysia Book of Records will further strengthen HOMEVEST’s positioning in property development and project acquisition as well as diversify their investor base by expanding to a broader community globally and digitally. 

In order to cater the demand from International Market, HOMEVEST decided to be listed on 1Exchange. 1Exchange is the first MAS-regulated private securities exchange in Singapore and a member of leading integrated private market ecosystem, CapBridge Financial. Looking into the aspect on competitiveness and reputation in various business environment which provided by Singapore, especially being notable one of the world’s top financial hubs. HOMEVEST believing that the decision will bring more cutting-edge resources to the organization

Dato’ KY Lim, Founder and Group Managing Director of HOMEVEST delivered his heart-warming welcoming speech to the audience of key industry leaders, customers, and partners of their business. He specifically emphasizes that HOMEVEST will continue to deliver outstanding value for our shareholders, customers, and partners with more innovative property solutions. He also expressed his sincere appreciation towards the guests who have allocated time from their busy schedule to be present in the celebration dinner.

Dato’ KY Lim also shared in his speech “Over the past 2 years, the pandemic has changed everyone’s lives. It was challenging for us, not just from the business point of view, but also from the changing market needs. People’s priorities have shifted, and this has really changed the way we think about our business. However, I think it has given us time to reflect, reprioritise and reinvent ourselves. An important thing for us to acknowledge today is the fact that we’ve gone the extra mile and completed some key achievements in 2021, which I believe have cemented the confidence in our brand. “

He further added “What makes us successful is our understanding of our customers’ needs, and our willingness to keep innovating. This listing in Singapore will further strengthen HOMEVEST’s positioning in property development and project acquisition.”

The guests were also presented with the specially produced video which highlights the virtual ceremony of HOMEVEST’s listing on 1Exchange, Singapore. They will continue to play a role of ensuring a continuous hard work to unleash and stimulate value for their partners and homeowners in the years to come.

The Diamond Ballroom was transformed into a beautiful and cosy lounge to reflect the theme of the event. They welcomed their guest with an opening performance of Ancient Chinese Face Changing, followed by a stand-up comedy performance by the ‘Moniker King of Malaysian Comedy’, Douglas Lim. Guests were delighted with the performances.

Throughout the night, guests were treated to special live Saxophone performance by the one and only, Mr. Saxophone, Wan Andre, Legend Man Keedal and Live Band performance to keep them entertained all night long.

The Celebration provided a fruitful avenue to strengthen HOMEVEST’s bonds with their partners and key leaders to nurture their growing relationships for many more years to come.

Dato’ Marcus Low, CEO of HOMEVEST added in his closing remarks, “This year, there will be 3 important focuses for HOMEVEST.  Firstly, property acquisition which Malaysia housing market remains weak for years especially since the pandemic, with more undervalue property available in the market, this will be the golden opportunity for HOMEVEST to acquire and expand the properties portfolio and to provide value added innovative property solutions. Secondly, the HOMEVEST signature programme – HOPE programme. With the support of the housing and local government ministry and their mission to provide affordable, quality homes, we are confident that we can materialised the dreams of many Malaysians, especially GLCs employees to gain easier access to own their first property. We aim to innovate and build sustainable development with smart city solutions to improve their post pandemic living standard and lifestyle. Lastly, we will launch our Signature Flexi Rent2own Programme which provides the flexibility for Malaysian tenants to own their home by enabling them to convert their monthly rental into an accumulative down payment.

For latest news and information about HOMEVEST, please visit HOMEVEST’S website: www.homevestglobal.com and social media:    https://www.facebook.com/HomevestGlobal

For general enquiries, please contact 03-6151 8180 or email us at:  hello@homevestglobal.com 

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