HOMEVEST prioritising people-driven work culture that aligns with the company’s values

The company wins at Real Estate Asia Awards 2022.

The pandemic has disrupted almost everything globally with many employees losing their jobs due to lessened profit and governments implementing multiple stages of lockdowns. Despite these hardships, HOMEVEST, an award-winning listed company focusing on property investment, management and development emphasised retaining talents & investment in their employees, winning the Employer of the Year – Malaysia Award at the Real Estate Asia Awards 2022. 

The awards programme recognises major breakthroughs, innovations, and key players in the real estate industry of Asia, and HOMEVEST Sdn Bhd’s efforts believing in people driven work culture and employee’s benefits  by focusing on career progression, learning and development, welfare, and workplace environment and remuneration set them apart from their competition. 

Employees’ career progress and development are monitored through structured weekly and daily tracking, with results-based practices providing immediate feedback when teams are off track from their goals. Trust and Personal Accountability was enforced by the company for employees to take accountability for work responsibilities, and through the Appraisal and Feedback System, employees’ progress and performance are reviewed by their superior in quarterly review sessions that ensure employees are aligned to Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to be developed into a ‘Homeownership Expert’. This is what set HOMEVEST apart from other companies is that they focus on developing employees’ strengths and career growth. 

Being a specialised field, relevant training providers are scarce in the property industry, so working with strategy consultants from Global Entrepreneur Xchange (GEX)  pushed the team to have their own training customised and development programs tailored for each department’s objective based on the EVP. With this, every employee is expected to master the ability to become a competent “Homeownership Expert”. 

The management visions to set the foundations for a fulfilling work environment by prioritising employee welfare through work-life balance, insurance coverage, meal, parking, education subsidy, accommodation allowance, medical consultants, gym memberships  and more.

Despite being results-focused, HOMEVEST thrives in people-driven work culture, with management ensuring high engagement levels amongst employees through activities such as celebrations, weekly engagement sessions, team building, and more. 

The company believes that rewards and recognitions is the key to employees’ productivity and loyalty to the company. Hence, the company recognise their top performing employees with above the market rate salaries.  Furthermore, team-centric performance culture, results-based incentives, and rewards were implemented to focus on the team’s result instead of the individual, with employees being categorised into three key grades namely, Grade A (exceeding expectations), Grade B (meet expectations), and Grade C (below expectations), with quarterly incentives being awarded accordingly. 

HOMEVEST’s signature programme, Home Ownership Programme for Employees (H.O.P.E) enables employers to empower their employees to own their dream homes. Understanding employees’ challenges at work, employers can utilise this programme to retain, reward and motivate their deserving employees, with the programme’s benefit being on par with the world’s Fortune 500 companies, creating a rewarding and positive working environment. 

Recently, the company signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Perkeso, the social security organisation in Malaysia, extending the opportunity for all Malaysian employees under Perkeso to own a home with the help of H.O.P.E.

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