HOMEVEST wins SME Company of the Year for Exemplary CSR Initiative In Sustainability & CSR Malaysia Awards 2022

HOMEVEST Sdn Bhd has been recognised as 2022 SME Company of the Year for Exemplary CSR Initiative at the Sustainability & CSR Malaysia Awards 2022.

CSR Malaysia, a publication on social projects approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs aimed to share constant commitment of corporations in Malaysia towards the community at large and their inherent roles as change agents in the socio- economic transformation of the country. CSR Malaysia endeavours to promote sustainable economies by featuring Sustainability & CSR initiatives of corporations in Malaysia.

50 Malaysian listed, private companies, GLCs, governmental organizations together with corporate foundations were honored, recognized and awarded for rising up to reach out to needy communities and to engage in sustainability endeavours for the betterment of all Malaysians.

The judging Criteria for the Sustainability and CSR Malaysia Awards included clear purpose and goals of the company for the CSR initiative, the impact created or the significance of the CSR initiative, frequency of CSR events held, total amount of contributions given, transparency in reporting CSR initiatives, creative implementation of the CSR activities, strength of the CSR team and sincerity and the effectiveness of each initiative.

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