Home Ownership Program for Employees

Employee Turnover Rate has risen from 13.2% in 2014 to 20% in 2018.

- Ministry of Human Resource -

It costs 6 to 9 months’ salary on average to replace a salaried employee.

- Society for Human Resource Management -

Lack of recognition is the number 1 reason people switch jobs.

- Achievers -

90% of employees who received recognition or thanks from their boss in the past month indicated higher levels of trust in that boss.

- Forbes -

40% of employees said they will put more energy into their work if they were recognized.

- Harvard Business Review -

H.O.P.E Programme is Supported By: 

A home is an important milestone in life. Most millennials want to own homes. Yet increasingly, many of them just can’t afford it.

Homevest Capital has designed H.O.P.E to enable you to attract, reward, recognise and keep your best employees.

The traditional process of buying a home can be cumbersome, distracting and stressful. H.O.P.E simplifies this process, curates valuable properties and allows you to empower them to achieve this milestone!

What will my
Employees get?

Property Management Services

Hassle-Free, Single Point of Contact

for credit profile assessment, loan application, signing of agreements and all other legal procedures.

Modern Renovation and Furnishing

Being an Entrepreneur with a young team, I know that many young adults work tremendously hard to own a home. Yet being a Property Market veteran, I know that owning a home comes with its own set of challenges - high costs, documentation, management and many more.

Homevest addresses both of these issues by enabling employers to empower their staff to own their first home, and at the same time makes the process simple and profitable for them.

Dato‘ KK Chua

Founder of Entrepreneur Insights and Editor-In-Chief of Property Insights

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