Homevest Living is a property management company focused on bringing you modern, dynamic and fast-forward community living.

What is
Community Living?


Easy Payment Plan

Our easy payment plan allows you flexibility on your rental. You can elevate your standard of living by paying less rental per month.


Zero Deposit

Once you pass the Zero Deposit Eligibility check partnered with Experian, you can move into your dream home without paying a single cent of deposit.


Express and
Personalized Check-In

With our Mobile App, all Check-In procedures can be done online before your move-in day. Enjoy your big day as our representative will be at your door to welcome you into your new home.


Housekeeping and
Maintenance Services

Housekeeping and Maintenance Services will be provided to uphold the living standards of your home.


High Speed WiFi

Attend a work conference call or enjoy streaming your favourite movies with high speed WiFi at your new home.


Household and
Personal Safety

Your safety matters to us. Burglary Insurance will be provided to protect you against incidents or thefts to your property, while a community doctor will be at your service for any health concerns.


Moving Services

You love our home but dread the hassle of moving? We got your back. Our professional movers will transport your belongings to your new home safely and stress-free.

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Homevest Living presents
The FIRST Flexible Rent-To-Own programme in Malaysia.

The easiest way to go from renting a home to owning a home.

How it Works?

Rent a Room
Homevest Living

Convert your
rental to
Homevest Credit

Own any property under Homevest Capital & Offset down payment with Homevest Credit

The rent you paid while renting a room under Homevest Living can be converted into Homevest credits to offset the down-payment on ANY property under the Homevest Capital banner at the following rates:

Homevest Living Flexi Rent2Own

In over 3 years, you can convert your monthly rental up to 75% as your down payment for your desire property

For more information, please visit Homevest Living Website

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